Unique Art by Jamie Luttrell

Jamie Luttrell - Artist

Growing up with an artistic mom put creating on my radar early. I have since progressed from “painting” murals in mud on the side of a farm shed to using actual paint and getting paid instead of in trouble. I have been painting in a professional capacity for about 15 years.

My priority when I paint commissions, is to capture the idea the customer is picturing in their head and recreate it for them. My style is more realistic, adding depth and 3D effects when applicable. I like to include hidden details that won’t be initially noticed, to create unexpected interest and uniqueness.

I am particular about surface preparations and assuring a sound base for murals. I prefer Nova paints, which pair well with WeatherAll and EasyCare paints that I like for large surfaces. Exterior or high traffic interior murals are always sealed with a high quality UV clear coat to increase longevity, and protect from graffiti damage. Canvas paintings are sealed with a matte finish sealer to protect paint from damage, dust, and fading. Whether it is on a canvas or on a wall, I feel like the purpose of my painting is to create a feeling, whether it is nostalgia, fun, or just the peace of something beautiful.